The Best Zero Waste Online Shops

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best zero waste online shops
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Greetings eco-conscious shoppers! As someone who is passionate about reducing waste and minimizing my environmental impact, I know how challenging it can be to find products that align with these values. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best zero waste online shops to help you easily discover and purchase sustainable products.


EcoRoots is a one-stop-shop for all your zero waste needs. They offer a wide range of eco-friendly products such as reusable straws, bamboo utensils, and refillable cleaning supplies. One of the standout features of EcoRoots is their commitment to plastic-free packaging, ensuring that your purchases are as sustainable as possible.

The Package Free Shop

Started by Lauren Singer, known for fitting years of her trash into a mason jar, The Package Free Shop is a hub for sustainable living. They offer a variety of zero waste products ranging from home goods to personal care items. They also have a “zero waste kit” option, which is a great way to start your sustainable journey.

The Simply Co.

The Simply Co. specializes in laundry detergent, offering a simple and sustainable solution to a typically wasteful household item. Their detergent is made with only three natural ingredients and comes in a reusable glass jar. The Simply Co. also offers a range of other zero waste products such as bamboo toothbrushes and compostable dental floss.

Wild Minimalist

Wild Minimalist is an online shop that focuses on providing practical and sustainable solutions for everyday life. They offer items such as reusable produce bags, stainless steel food containers, and natural cleaning products. They also have a great selection of books and resources for those looking to learn more about zero waste living.


Fillgood is a refill service that allows you to order your favorite eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products in bulk. They offer a wide variety of options, including shampoo, dish soap, and laundry detergent. By using Fillgood, you’re able to significantly reduce your plastic waste while also saving money in the long run.

The Zero Market

The Zero Market is a Colorado-based online shop that offers a range of zero waste products, as well as workshops and events to educate and inspire sustainable living. They have a great selection of products from bamboo toothbrushes to upcycled tote bags. They also offer a “zero waste starter kit” for those new to the zero waste lifestyle.

Life Without Plastic

As the name suggests, Life Without Plastic is an online shop that specializes in providing plastic-free alternatives to everyday items. They offer products ranging from kitchenware to children’s toys, all made with sustainable and non-toxic materials. They also have a great selection of resources and books to help you learn more about reducing plastic in your life.

Final Thoughts

By shopping at these zero waste online shops, you can easily find and purchase sustainable products that align with your values. Not only are you reducing waste and minimizing your environmental impact, but you’re also supporting small businesses that are committed to making a positive change in the world. Happy shopping!

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