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Greetings, fellow travelers! Are you looking for a breathtaking destination where you can experience the perfect blend of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and modern amenities? Look no further than Positano, Italy! Located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a charming seaside town that boasts stunning landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and a vibrant atmosphere that will leave you enchanted. As a professional writer and avid traveler, I believe that one of the best ways to explore Positano is through car rental services. In this article, I will share with you the benefits of renting a car in Positano and how you can make the most out of your trip.

Why Rent a Car in Positano?

Positano is a small town that can easily be explored on foot. However, if you want to discover the hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast and enjoy the scenic routes that connect Positano to other nearby towns, renting a car is the way to go. By renting a car, you will have the freedom to travel at your own pace, stop whenever and wherever you want, and avoid the crowds that flock to public transportation. Additionally, car rental services in Positano are affordable and offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs and preferences.

How to Rent a Car in Positano?

There are several car rental companies in Positano that offer reliable and efficient services. Some of the most popular ones include Hertz, Europcar, and Avis. You can also book your car rental online in advance to ensure availability and get the best deals. When renting a car in Positano, it is important to note that the roads are narrow and winding, and parking can be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to rent a small car that is easy to maneuver and park.

Top Places to Visit in Positano with a Rental Car

Now that you have your rental car, let’s explore some of the must-visit places in Positano and its surroundings:

1. Spiaggia Grande

One of the most popular beaches in Positano, Spiaggia Grande is a paradise for sunbathers and swimmers. With its crystal-clear waters, colorful umbrellas, and lively atmosphere, Spiaggia Grande is the perfect place to spend a day soaking up the sun and enjoying the views.

2. Fornillo Beach

For a more secluded and romantic beach experience, head to Fornillo Beach. Located a short drive from Positano, Fornillo Beach is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful retreat from the crowds. With its golden sand, turquoise waters, and picturesque cliffs, Fornillo Beach is a true gem of the Amalfi Coast.

3. Amalfi

A short drive from Positano, Amalfi is a charming town that is worth a visit. With its stunning cathedral, colorful houses, and bustling streets, Amalfi is a perfect destination for a day trip. Don’t miss the chance to taste the local limoncello and explore the narrow alleys that lead to hidden squares and viewpoints.

4. Ravello

For a more sophisticated and artistic atmosphere, head to Ravello. This quaint town is perched on a hilltop and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains. Ravello is also home to several villas and gardens that host music and arts festivals throughout the year.

5. Sorrento

If you have time, take a drive to Sorrento, a charming town that is famous for its lemon groves, ceramics, and stunning landscapes. Sorrento is also a great starting point for a visit to the nearby island of Capri.

Tips for Driving in Positano

Before hitting the road, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Drive slowly and carefully, especially on narrow and winding roads.
  • Be prepared to encounter traffic jams, especially during peak season.
  • Always park in designated areas and avoid parking in restricted zones.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Respect the local driving rules and regulations.


Renting a car in Positano is a great way to experience the beauty and diversity of the Amalfi Coast. With a rental car, you can explore the hidden corners of Positano, visit nearby towns and beaches, and create unforgettable memories. So, what are you waiting for? Book your car rental in Positano today and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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