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Welcome to our guide on North Fork Hotels. As avid travelers and lovers of luxury accommodations, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best hotels in North Fork. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our guide has something for everyone. Sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the stunning landscapes, vineyards, and beaches of North Fork.

Hotel Name Location Price Range Room Types Amenities
The Harborfront Inn Greenport $220-$450 Standard, Deluxe, Suites Free Wi-Fi, Fitness Center, Spa
The Menhaden Hotel Greenport $270-$550 Standard, Suites Restaurant, Rooftop Bar, Free Bikes
The Sound View Greenport Greenport $300-$600 Cottages, Suites Outdoor Pool, Private Beach, Restaurant
The Maidstone Hotel East Hampton $350-$800 Standard, Suites, Cottages Free Bikes, Pet-Friendly, Private Beach
Shelter Island House Shelter Island $200-$425 Standard, Deluxe, Suites Free Wi-Fi, Pool, Restaurant

Looking for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than North Fork Hotels. Our meticulously curated selection of hotels promise to transport you to a world of relaxation and luxury. Each hotel boasts of stunning interiors, world-class amenities, and exceptional service. From the cozy cottages at The Sound View Greenport to the charming suites at The Menhaden Hotel, there is something for every type of traveler.

At North Fork Hotels, we understand that vacations are not just about the destination but the journey. That is why we have included hotels that are located in some of the most picturesque locations in North Fork. From the stunning views of the Peconic Bay at The Harborfront Inn to the serene landscapes of Shelter Island House, our hotels promise to take your breath away.

But that’s not all; our hotels are also known for their delectable cuisine, world-class spas, and exceptional service. Whether you are looking to indulge in a decadent meal at The Maidstone Hotel or unwind with a relaxing massage at The Sound View Greenport, our hotels have got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay at one of our North Fork Hotels and experience luxury like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I bring my pet to the hotels?
    A: Yes, some of our hotels are pet-friendly. Please check with the hotel before booking.
  • Q: Is parking available at the hotels?
    A: Yes, all of our hotels offer free on-site parking.
  • Q: Do the hotels have Wi-Fi?
    A: Yes, all of our hotels offer free Wi-Fi.
  • Q: Do the hotels have restaurants?
    A: Yes, all of our hotels have on-site restaurants.
  • Q: Is room service available?
    A: Yes, some of our hotels offer room service. Please check with the hotel before booking.
  • Q: Are there any activities to do near the hotels?
    A: Yes, our hotels are located near some of the best vineyards, beaches, and golf courses in North Fork. Please check with the hotel for recommendations.
  • Q: Do the hotels offer shuttle services?
    A: No, the hotels do not offer shuttle services. However, they can arrange for transportation upon request.
  • Q: Is there a cancellation policy?
    A: Yes, each hotel has its own cancellation policy. Please check with the hotel before booking.

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning locations
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Exceptional service
  • World-class amenities
  • Delectable cuisine
  • Nearby attractions


  • Higher price range
  • May not be suitable for budget travelers
  • Some hotels may not be pet-friendly
  • Some hotels may not offer room service


Here are some tips to make the most of your stay at North Fork Hotels:

  • Book in advance to get the best rates
  • Check with the hotel for any special promotions or packages
  • Try the local cuisine at the on-site restaurants
  • Take advantage of the amenities such as the spa and fitness center
  • Explore the nearby vineyards and beaches

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